Blanket Scarves – The Ultimate Airplane Accessory


Blanket scarves are all over the place this season and they are the perfect accessory to take with you on a long flight. Not only are they cozy, but they’re large enough to cover yourself and keep you warm. Let’s be honest, those thin airline blankets just never do the trick! Here’s a selection of some of my favorites (most are under $50 and some under $25!!)


Blanket scarves are a little trickier to wear because of the extra material. If you need a few tips, here is a tutorial on five different ways to style them. A quick search on Pinterest will give you all sorts of ideas on how to wear this trend as well!

Happy Travels!


6 thoughts on “Blanket Scarves – The Ultimate Airplane Accessory


    Yes, loving those scarves! Who knows what is lingering in those airline blankets so a blanket scarf is perfect for warmth and style! I’m heading back to the frozen tundra this week to see my family in Green Bay! My kids never really seem to understand what cold is until we arrive in WI! Wishing you a wonderful week with your family!

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