How to Create a Custom Google Maps Itinerary & Use it Offline!!

No matter how hard I try, I’m just not a natural with directions. I so admire those of you with a sixth sense about knowing where something is. And ever since Google maps came into my life, it seems as though my sense of direction has completely left my brain.

I’m so reliant on GPS that I decided to do a little research to find out if there is a way to use Google maps when traveling abroad without a phone signal. And by golly, I think I found a FREE way to do it!:)

The first part of this post is a tutorial on how to create a custom Google map/itinerary. I don’t think creating one of these maps is overly intuitive, so I thought it’d be helpful to do a step-by-step post with all the details. The second part of this post is how to use it offline.

I hope I don’t bore you too much today, but this is definitely something you can bookmark to come back to when you’re planning your future trips!


Let’s get started, shall we?!

Creating a Google Maps Itinerary

Step 1

On your computer (not your phone), go to and select “create a new map.”

 Google Map

Step 2

Type your destination in the search box.

City Map

Step 3

I like to enter my home base first, usually my hotel or work location. Once you type in your location you will see a green pin appear on the screen. Click on it and select “add to map.” If you’ve successfully added it, the location will appear on the left side of the map and the pin will turn red.

Hotel Map

Step 4

Add your other destinations (restaurants, coffee shops, monuments, parks, museums, shopping, etc.) using the instructions in step 3. If you’re super anal organized, you may want to make a different map for each day of travel.

*This step is helpful when planning your trip as it creates a nice visual to decide what activities to do each day based on their proximity to each other.

City Map

Step 5

Once all of your destinations are entered, you can have fun getting a little nerdy with the map!  You can color code the destinations so your map is organized and easy to decipher. If you hover over each destination listed on the left side a paint bucket will appear. Click on it to find lots of options to change the color or the icon type. You can select a bed icon for your hotel, a purse for shopping, a fork and knife for restaurants, etc.

Google map

Step 6

If you click on the destination a grey box will appear with the address and phone number. In the bottom right corner is a pencil icon. If you click on that you can make notes for yourself or even add a picture of the destination. If you decide to make notes you can view the information in list form by clicking the three vertical dots in the grey row (see picture above) and select “open data table.” You can edit your notes in this view as well.

Google Map Notes

Step 7

To get directions from one destination to the next, hold your shift key down and click on the starting pin and then on the ending pin. Once both pins are selected, click on the add direction icon (It’s near the top and looks like an arrow going in two different directions).


Step 9

Once you’re done adding destinations, save and bookmark your map so it’s easy to pull up later. If you are traveling with others you can share the map through email (click on the share button that looks like a person with a plus sign).

Google Map Notes

 How to use this offline

The custom Google map is great when you’re traveling local and have a phone signal, but it isn’t overly helpful if you’re abroad and traveling offline.

After doing a little online research I learned about a “new” to me app called Maps.ME. The app is FREE and seems to be pretty awesome! I haven’t actually used it on a trip yet, but I’ve tried it out offline and everything seems to work great.

Here’s what you need to do to use your custom Google Map offline:

Step 1
Follow the steps above to create your google map.
Step 2
Click on the icon with 3 vertical dots (to the right of the ‘add a layer’ and ‘share’ icons) and click on “Export to KML”.
Step 3
A pop-up box should come up so you can save the KML file to your computer.
Step 4
Download the app “Maps.ME” on your phone.
Step 5
Email the saved KML file to your personal email.
Step 6
Open the email on your phone. Select the KML file attachment and scroll through the open options until you see the Maps.ME app.
Step 7
Open the file in the Maps.ME app.
Step 8
If everything goes right you will be able to use this map with GPS even without a phone signal! (Keep in mind that you won’t be able to add or search for new things on the map, so everything has to be prepared before you go)
An Alternative Option
I know this is an extremely dense post already, but I have one last option for you!
This is for when you don’t have the time to map out all of the places you want to visit, but you want to have a map saved on your phone.
Step 1
When connected to the internet, open your Google maps app on your phone.
Step 2
Log into your Google Account.
Step 3
Enter a location in the search box.
Step 4
Pinch and zoom the map area so that you have the area of the city that you want to save in full view.
Step 5
At the bottom of the screen touch the name of the city you entered, a new screen will come up and 3 vertical dots will appear in the top right corner. Touch the vertical dots and select “Make available offline.”
Step 6
Go back to the main page and in the upper left corner click on the three bars icon and select “Your places.” You should see your map saved under “offline maps”
Okay, okay, I know that was 6 steps, but I promise you it will only take a minute to save!! Trust me!
So that’s it!
As always, let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to help you out! If you know of any better options I’d love to hear!
Happy Travels!


39 thoughts on “How to Create a Custom Google Maps Itinerary & Use it Offline!!

  1. Emily

    Wow I absolutely LOVE this post. It’s super helpful!! I do a lot of international travels and I often add on a data plan so that I’m able to use Google Map. Most of the time I run out of data right away, so having this offline option will save me lots of money!! I love how organize you can get with it too. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!

    xoxo Emily

  2. Karen

    Wow you saved me from a gigantic headache – I had been researching our trip to Iceland for 7 months, pinning things to a personal google “my map” – only to find now that it is 2 weeks away that it doesn’t offer any way to download or print it?!? I’ve been searching the support page and group without luck, I’m SOOO thankful I found your page, thank you for sharing!!

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  4. Roger

    Excellent but I have a challenge that I hope you can help with. I will be travelling in Portugal from one point to another but stopping at several other places on the way. I want to plan a route that also includes non-toll roads. How do I specifically input certain roads that I wish to use?

    1. jan

      Hi, did not work for me. Both .kml and .kmz file from Google My Maps (with custom icons) imported in MAPS.ME as plain, identical red dots. Jan

  5. jan

    Hi, cool, thanks, works (android 6), you need to choose what layer to download as .kml from Google My Maps, that layer will be added as “points” in onto offline region you downloaded previously thru tha app. cheers from czech republic! jan

  6. brent

    I tried this, but sadly only 5 pins from two layers were visible. Most of my places from the custom maps on other layers do not show up. I tried it using both KML and KMZ, and also creating separate files for each layer.

  7. Ana

    We have to sum up a big ping to Google team in order to solve this thing! (It’s possible to send comments from MyMaps > Help page).
    After hours of work out on “My maps” I think it deserves to have an offline option as one of the main features!

    Thank you for your post anyway 🙂

  8. Kristina

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve been using the app for a few years now for international travel, and never knew that I could import my custom google maps bookmarks! You just saved me so much hassle trying to figure out a way to access those bookmarks offline on my upcoming trip.

  9. ghost123uk

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Very useful for me.

    I can’t find a way to search for a specific pin though, but I can work around that.

    Thanks for your time posting this info

  10. Emily S.

    This works like a charm and is SO helpful! Thank you for taking the time to post, and for making the instructions so straightforward.

  11. BJ Lantz

    Thanks so much for this. The app worked for me (I tried in airplane mode). Also found another app called Map Plus which will save the location marked balloons in their different assigned colors, however not with the icons themselves.

  12. sharon

    You are a lifesaver. I have tried so hard to save My Maps (generated in googlemaps) to use offline abroad. I followed your instructions for emailing them to myself and downloading them onto my iPhone I can put on airplane mode, open the map in and see the pins, and can tap on a pin to open its name, but I don’t see any driving directions or any way to check that I will get driving directions to that pin. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Please help. I don’t want to find out when I’m abroad. Thank you so much.

  13. sharon

    Please help. I’ve made and saved a map in My Maps in Googlemaps on laptop. I see the 3 red dots, and the option to Export to KML. After that things stop working. No matter what I choose – “Entire Map”, or “name of a layer,” or if I check or uncheck the box “Export to a KML File” – I get something that downloads. I email it to myself from my downloads folder, and when I open it on my phone – there is no option to open it in It opens as a bunch of text that is unreadable. Have you got any idea what I am doing wrong?

      1. Arun

        Hi, Great post. Is there a need to use the app? If I great a map with My Maps, will it not be accessible offline to Google Maps App?

  14. meg

    Thank you so much for writing this post! I would have been so lost as I wandered through Stockholm!

  15. Allie

    Like the others who commented before me, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Despite using the app before, I had forgotten to start off using from the beginning and had gone deep in Google mapping only to realize I might never have my map offline! This post was a total lifesaver.

  16. Jinkssick

    I wanted to ditto the above. What a lifesaver. If you have saved bookmarks on google when you get to destined countryand no data and voila, vanishes. Now with i can actually see what i spent time writing. Xxxxxxx

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