10 Airbnbs for your Next European Vacation

This weekend I was browsing Airbnbs for a trip to Europe and found myself deep in the rabbit hole of possibilities. I’m actually embarrassed to admit how much time I spent online looking through options on a beautiful Sunday morning (Insert grimace emoji)!

If you’re not a millennial the idea of staying in a stranger’s home may seem odd, but if you do the proper research I think you’ll be surprised how many fabulous finds there are and how much you’ll enjoy your stay! The ability to stay in incredible locations and live like a local (if only momentarily) is pretty amazing if you think about it.

My biggest piece of advice when booking an Airbnb rental is to read every review of the property. If there is ANY indication of unreliability, uncleanliness, or safety issues – just don’t book it. There are so many other options–why put yourself in a risky situation?

Since I spent the weekend channeling my inner travel agent, I thought I’d share some of the cool places I found (Most under $150! Some under $100!).  I have also saved these options in my Airbnb travel account here.

PARIS, FRANCE –  Luxury in the heart of Marais – $144

Located on a charming street in a historic building, this apartment is not only beautiful, but located in the fabulous Marais neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for museums, shopping, or restaurants, you won’t have to go far to experience it all. Did I mention there’s a balcony? When can I come?!!!

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Refined in city center – $120

This refined Georgian apartment is in the perfect location to explore lovely Edinburgh, but not before you have a nip of whiskey on those gorgeous leather couches! Coming home to the gas fireplace after a day of exploring sounds pretty fab as well!

SPLIT, CROATIA – Old town with a terrace – $78

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones junkie or just want to enjoy the Mediterranean rooftops of Split, this apartment looks like an excellent option. Located in the oldest Neighborhood in town at the foot of a magnificent hill, you are smack dab in the city center and still close to the waterfront. Everything you’ll want to see is walkable, that is, if you ever plan to leave that beautiful terrace.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – Canal view – $168

Not only a convenient location in Amsterdam, but this studio provides views of the famous canals from your windows and balcony. The decor looks cute and cozy for any time of year.

ROME, ITALY – Trastevere with a private terrace – $150

Trastevere is my absolute favorite neighborhood in Rome. Unfortunately there are very few hotels in this area, so it’s a huge blessing that Airbnb is an option these days. Although there is no elevator to this rental, spiral stairs up to a sunny terrace is about as good as it gets in my book!

BERGEN, NORWAY – Authentic Norwegian house – $115

Imagine walking out of your darling yellow wooden house onto the most charming street in the most perfect Scandinavian village. No this isn’t Disney world, people actually live here – and for a night, you could too!

PORTO, PORTUGAL– Hip loft in the center of town – $98

Walk outside of your rental and you are in the midst of it all. The neighborhood is vibrant and the views are fantastic. The veranda is the perfect place to start your day with a cup of coffee or start your evening with a glass of wine.

LONDON, ENGLAND – Dazzling Kensington Flat – $186

This rental is a little pricier, but with 3 beds it’s perfect for a family or a group of friends. You’ll certainly feel like a million bucks in this stunning apartment and can practice your royal wave off your private balcony. Museums, Hyde Park, and Whole Foods are all within a 10 minute walk. Looking for a better deal, how about this one for $121?!

RHODES, GREECE – The Sea Salt House – $88

A traditional Greek house in a traditional Greek neighborhood. Need I say more? Mingle with your new Greek neighbors and eat in the local restaurants. Apparently this little village is full of the most welcoming and friendly locals. Who’s ready to visit?!

SEVILLE, SPAIN – Church bells in the heart of town – $72

Waking up to church bells sounds like the perfect travel memory I’d like to have. This lovely studio has a stunning view of the Cathedral and is a 5 minute walk from tourist locations, shopping, and restaurants.

That’s it guys! If this didn’t give you some serious wanderlust, I don’t know what will!

Do you have any incredible Airbnb recommendations? I’d love to add them to my list!

Happy Travels!

xo, Jenny

*images used from rental links on airbnb website

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  1. 7.26.17
    Todra Payne said:

    These are beautiful! I’m drooling over the one in Greece. If you do a round-up of places to stay on AirBnB in L.A., we’d love to be included! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/19552101

    • 7.31.17

      Thanks, Todra! I actually just stayed in an LA AirBnB in Los Feliz last month! Will check yours out next time!

  2. 7.28.17

    Another “Game of Thrones” destination is Carcassonne, in the south of France. The biggest walled medieval city in Europe, with lots of Cathar castle ruins nearby in the (gorgeous) countryside. We have a pair of AirBnB apartments in the center of the “new” city (which dates from 1260–the citadel, a 10 minute walk away, is older). Our place actually is from 1624, the advantages of which are soaring ceilings, huge windows and beautiful moldings. Think lutes and doves. http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16981445 and http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/17301674

  3. 7.31.17
    Hillary said:

    This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, the link to the home in Norway directs to the terraced apartment in Rome, too. If you fix it, I’d love to see the Norway spot! We are so into going there! Thanks again for sharing all this research. You have great taste in apartments!!

  4. 7.31.17
    Deanna said:

    Oh my gosh, that little flat in Edinburgh has me swooning! I’m dying to visit Scotland again. Beautiful post 🙂