13 Helpful Things To Know Before You Visit New York City

They say one of the easiest ways to spot a tourist in New York is when someone stops to look up at the skyline. I’m guessing this is because New York is fast-paced and residents are always on the move, so there is no time to admire the skyscrapers. I’m not one to get too obsessed over blending in or making sure I don’t look like a tourist (after all – I usually AM a tourist!), but I do think it is helpful to know a few things before you go so you don’t get lost in the crowd! Here are the best tips for visiting New York that I’ve picked up over the years. 1. Book your tickets to major sites ahead of time to avoid waiting in long lines (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, 9/11 Memorial, Broadway Shows, etc.). 2. Make reservations at restaurants several weeks in advance as this is one of the busiest cities in the world. New Yorker’s eat dinner much later than other American cities. 8pm, 9pm, and even 10pm are common dinner times! This probably isn’t too different for most European visitors. 3. New Yorkers are loud, direct, … Continue reading 13 Helpful Things To Know Before You Visit New York City