A Travel Guide to Savannah, Georgia

I recently traveled to Savannah, Georgia for work and WOWzers, what a gorgeous city! I enjoyed one of the loveliest walks of my life (and snapped quite a few pics as you’ll see below). The city is lined with beautiful historic homes and lots and lots of southern charm! It was a brief trip and I was tied-up for much of the day, but I was able to scope out a few things and enjoyed a couple of nice dinners. In all honesty, a day trip or a quick weekend trip is the perfect amount of time to spend in this city. Here are my recommendations on what to do and see in Savannah!Savannah travel guide The first (and my favorite) thing to do was stroll through the historic district. The walk will take you through 22 park-like squares along the way. Each one is as charming as the next. Keep your eye out for Forrest Gump’s famous bus bench.Savannah travel guideSavannah travel guide Savannah travel guideAren’t these homes incredible! A winding staircase is now at the top of my dream house list. #lifegoalssavannah travel guide Savannah travel guide savannah travel guideThe Spanish moss and canopy trees were seriously to die for. I couldn’t get enough!savannah spanish mosssavannah travel guide savannah travel guidesavannah travel guideOnce you reach Forsyth park it’s time to head back. Here I am at the Forsyth Park fountain. I asked someone to take my photo, but be careful around this area as I noticed a few shady characters lurking nearby.jenny dolphin savannahAfter all that walking stop in Six Pence for a pint. Julia Roberts filmed a scene from “Something to Talk About” here.savannah travel guidesavannah travel guideOr you can head over to Leopolds for ice cream. The Girl Scouts was founded in Savannah, so you have to try the Savannah Smiles or Thin Mint ice cream created in honor of their cookies!LeopoldssavannahIf you’re spending any amount of time in this charming city, an old standby for dinner is the Olde Pink House. It’s an institution and everything you would expect from a restaurant in a southern town. Be sure to go in the basement, it’s said to be haunted!.The Olde Pink House Savannah


  • The Olde Pink House (the food is decent, but the ambiance is outstanding!)
  • The Collins Quarter (trendy and amazing food)
  • Dinner and shopping along the river is a nice spot to spend your evening

(My cabbie told me that grouper is fished locally, so that’s probably your best bet if you’re in the mood for fish)



  • Carriage or trolley ride
  • Haunted City Tours (it’s worth it to stroll through the city during the day and evening)
  • For shopping and lunch check out the City Market area
  • Day trip to Tybee Island for the beach

Have you been? What did you think?

xo, Jenny

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  1. 7.23.15
    Pippa said:

    Now I understand the term ‘Southern Charm’ – how absolutely gorgeous!!! Even the name Savannah rolls off the tongue so eloquently doesn’t it. I love the low hanging trees – and the old telephone booth! Just gorgeous. 🙂

    • 7.23.15

      Thanks, Pippa! Yes, that city sure is a beauty! The old telephone booth is definitely a nice touch!

  2. 7.24.15

    Oh man I LOVE Savannah! And I miss the South, honestly. I went to college in an area where Spanish Moss trees were everywhere, and they are just so beautiful! Can’t wait to go back!

    • 7.25.15

      Agreed! I loved Savannah! How nice to have gone to college surrounded by those trees! I don’t think they’d ever get old!:)

  3. 2.13.16
    Ann said:

    I just found your blog via Pinterest and I adore it! Your travel tips are so great and practical, and I especially love your “What to pack” posts. You’ve been to some really incredible places.
    As a southerner I loved seeing your post about Savannah -what a charming place it is- and I’m wondering if you’ve ever been to Charleston, S.C. I have a feeling you’d really enjoy it.

    • 2.17.16

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks so much–you made my day!:) I have been to Charleston on a trip with three of my best girlfriends’ and LOVED it! I would absolutely love to go back one day!

  4. 4.11.16
    Judy said:

    One place I didn’t notice here that’s worth mentioning is the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. It’s a three story, gorgeous museum with true-to-scale ships (think Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, etc.), and is absolutely beautiful. They have a garden in the back that is wedding worthy (my daughter was married there in 2014), and is directly across the street from the City Market, full of restaurants, bars, and shops. I highly recommend it!

  5. 5.22.16
    Stephanie said:

    I would Love more information as I am thinking about Savannah for our small, immediate family wedding. Both our second, but needs to be as special as we are together & radiate the love we share together! Please share all you will! I have been there about 15 years ago with some girlfriends so I don’t recall a lot of precious areas.

    • 5.22.16
      Judy said:

      Stephanie – please feel free to email me at jadewber@gmail.com, & I can share everything we learned in planning my daughter’s wedding. I am happy to share!

  6. 2.12.20
    Sweetieme said:

    Wow! I found your blog so interesting. Thanks, Jenny for your Savannah travel guide. Your travel tips are really helpful especially for those who want to go to Savannah.

  7. 1.2.22
    Don Davies said:

    Awesome blog and guide here! Now I know my itinerary next time I visit Savannah Georgia! Of course the beach is always on top of the agenda and the hotel I found on https://www.visitsavannah.com/tybee-island-savannahs-beach in Tybee island is already set! I’m really getting excited now!