A Weekend Trip to Washington DC – Travel Guide

My first trip to Washington DC was a school trip in 8th grade. I stayed in a hotel room with 3 girlfriends without parents for the first time! Hey o! Needless to say it was a bit of a boy-crazed weekend! But that’s not to say I didn’t learn anything. I have fond memories of seeing the White House for the first time, doing a scavenger hunt at the Smithsonian, and sitting in the theater where Abe Lincoln was shot. It was incredible to learn about history this way rather than from a book! My mom gave me a camera to use on the trip and 20 rolls of film (pre-digital camera era). I took most of my pictures from the bus that took us from monument to monument. When I got my pictures developed you couldn’t see a thing! They were all blurry because I had taken them while the bus was moving! ha! Let’s just say my photography has come a long way since! I’ve visited DC a few times since then and last year Mike signed up for the Marine Corps marathon which was a great excuse to scope out the city again. Recently I’ve had a … Continue reading A Weekend Trip to Washington DC – Travel Guide