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Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Hej!

Hi there! I’m Jenny, the voice behind Traveling Chic. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Meet Traveling Chic:

Traveling Chic began in 2007 as your passport to stylish travel around the world. A source for inspiration that covers everything from where to visit, what to pack, and how to travel in style.

Traveling Chic loves to find those once in a lifetime experiences. Whether it’s discovering the best family-owned restaurant tucked into the streets of Trastevere, searching for an amazing view to watch sunset on Santorini (with cocktail in hand!), or stumbling into the cutest boutique in Paris– we’ve got you covered!

Meet Jenny:

I’m Jenny Dolphin, founder of Traveling Chic, and I LOVE helping travelers plan the trip of a lifetime! My happiest days are spent with notebook in hand exploring new destinations to share with others. I’m a huge advocate for packing light. I’m convinced I was Italian in a former life (where else did my love for pasta, wine, and the ability to tell stories with my hands come from?!). I’m a total Francophile. Like most travel loving Americans, I’ve been swept off my feet by the idea of France. Scarves are always a good idea (so are croissants!). An explorer at heart, I have an absurd willingness to walk miles and miles in search of the best gelato, cup of coffee, or slice of pizza. Basically, if you tell me it’s good – I’ll make the trek!

Meet Traveling Chic Itineraries:

We know many of you work long hours and don’t have the time or desire to research and plan all of the details that go into a great trip. We also know many of you like to do some planning but feel overwhelmed about all of the choices, as well as, how to breakout the day in order to maximize your limited time.

The Traveling Chic Itineraries are travel guides that is more polished than a blog post; contain ALL of the information you need in one place; and will plan your entire trip if you don’t have the time or energy to do the research and planning beforehand! We’ve LOVED every minute spent creating these guides, and know you’ll love them as much as we do!

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Email me at  jenny@travelingchic.com or leave a comment if you have a question!

Happy Travels!