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Weekend Wanderlust – The French Edition

Bonjour! Welcome to this week’s Weekend Wanderlust – The French Edition! In celebration of France’s Bastille Day on earlier this week, we thought It’d be fun to have a French themed week on Traveling Chic. So now it’s time to enjoy your cappuccino and croissant (it’s the French edition after all!) and get settled in for this week’s Weekend Wanderlust. What you’ll find in this newsletter: Traveling Chic’s New Articles Travel Tip of the Week Travel Gear Find of the…

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Where to Eat in Paris, France – The Restaurant Guide

I think everyone will agree that one of the best things about visiting Paris is the food! That said, it can be super overwhelming trying to decide where to go to have that perfect meal you’ll be talking about for years. I think we’ve compiled a list of restaurants below that will satisfy every budget and every style of diner. Truth be told, I’ve been working on this where to eat in Paris post for a year! I’ve been busy…

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Where to Shop in Paris

There is something for everyone when it comes to shopping in Paris. Whether you are a foodie who could spend hours perusing the markets or are looking to buy the perfect french designer souvenir handbag – Paris has you covered. Below we’ve laid out an assortment of shopping experiences to have in Paris. Do you have a favorite shop in Paris? We’d love to hear in the comments below for future travelers! Where to Shop in Paris Rue Cler –…

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20 Fabulous Quotes about Paris

Oh Paris! With so many artists and writers making Paris their home over the years, it’s no surprise there are quite a few fabulous quotes about Paris floating around. Below are some of our favorite quotes about this magical city! Perhaps they will inspire your next trip! 20 Fabulous Quotes about Paris “Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn “We’ll always have Paris.” – Howard Koch “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” – Oscar Wilde If…

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Packing Guide: What to Wear in Paris

When deciding what to wear in Paris it is tempting to pack up your entire closet. It’s one of the fashion capitals of the world after all! But I promise you can pack for a week or even two weeks in a carry-on if you pick out shirts, dresses, bottoms, and shoes in the same color palette. If everything goes together you can easily mix and match your limited wardrobe to create several different outfits. If you’re looking for practical…

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Life Lessons from Julia Child

In celebration of France’s Bastille Day on Sunday, I thought It’d be fun to have a French themed week on Traveling Chic – starting with America’s favorite French Chef: Julia Child! One of my all-time favorite books is ‘My Life in France’ a memoir about Julia Child’s time in Paris, Marseilles, and Provence. I have dog-eared so pages in this book because her pearls of wisdom are so raw, funny, and entertaining! Even if you’re not that into cooking, or…

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Weekend Wanderlust

Another weekend, another edition of the Weekend Wanderlust! The week following the 4th of July always feels as though we’re on the back end of summer! I’m hoping to cross off some of my summer bucket list items this weekend as well as watch the Wimbledon finals! BTW – if you’re looking for a fun summer movie go check out Spider-Man: Far From Home. Nerdy fact about me – I love the Avengers movies! Mike and I saw this movie…

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