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Trip Planning 101

I know a lot of you have your trip planning methods down to an art, but I know some of you get overwhelmed at the idea of planning a trip from scratch or just don’t know how to begin sorting out all of the logistics. But I promise you, as long as you don’t put too much pressure on yourself, the research and the trip daydreaming can be almost as fun as the trip itself! Seriously! In the hopes that…

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50 Quick Tips for Traveling through Europe

Hi guys! Traveling through Europe is incredible, but it can also be hard work. I put together a list of 50 quick Europe travel tips that I hope will help you avoid some travel mistakes that I’ve made over the years!  So without further ado, here are my best tips: Book major sites ahead of time (when you see the lines, you’ll be so thankful you did!). If you get lost or have a question, I’ve found that in almost…

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Tips & Tricks from Savvy Business Travelers

They whiz through security, take a left instead of a right when boarding the plane, and somehow manage to appear stylish, confident, and unfrazzled at all times. It’s none other than the business traveler. There is something so effortless about their traveling ways. So what’s their secret? THEY TRAVEL LIGHT Business travelers have packed so many times that they know exactly what they will wear and what they will need for the week. They don’t waste space with extra clothes,…

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Pickpocket Tips to Keep in Your Back Pocket!

I had my passport stolen once, although not in the way you’d probably expect. I was working as a flight attendant and my assigned location to stow my luggage was in a random spot on a Boeing 777. At some point during the flight my passport was taken. Fortunately I was arriving into the US from China so I didn’t have too many problems getting through customs. I don’t feel totally to blame, but I definitely think I could have…

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How to Create a Custom Google Maps Itinerary & Use it Offline!!

No matter how hard I try, I’m just not a natural with directions. I so admire those of you with a sixth sense about knowing where something is. And ever since Google maps came into my life, it seems as though my sense of direction has completely left my brain. I’m so reliant on GPS that I decided to do a little research to find out if there is a way to use Google maps when traveling abroad without a…

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Folding vs Rolling & Other Packing Tips

Do you fold or roll your clothes when you pack your suitcase? I’ve never been someone who always sticks to one method…that is, until now! My latest assignment for the Travel Hack blog was to discuss space-saving tricks in your suitcase, you can read it here. I decided I should do a little research before giving any advice on these methods, so I created a folding vs rolling challenge for myself! Before my last work trip I packed my suitcase…

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Minimize Jet Lag – How to Arrive Feeling (somewhat) Fabulous!

I initially titled this post ‘How to Avoid Jet Lag.’ But truth be told, there is no real cure for jet lag. If you’re flying around different time zones then you’re going to feel a little off. That said, there are ways to minimize jet lag and trick your mind and body into feeling like your fabulous self! Pre-flight Optimum Flight Time – Price is usually the driving factor when choosing my flights, but if it is a long flight…

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