Dinner & A Movie – Barcelona

I’ve been wanting to bring back a series (recipes that inspire travel) that I used to do on the blog and thought travel-themed dinner and movie nights would be the perfect way to provide travel inspiration and perhaps help you plan a fun night for the weekend. You’ll have to let me know if you like this or if I should just stay out of the kitchen! ha!;)

Although most of us can’t always be jetting off around the world, it doesn’t mean we can’t fulfill our wanderlust in our daily lives!

Today I’ve got Barcelona on the mind. I haven’t visited yet, but it’s high on my bucket list and Mike and I are talking about a trip there at the end of the summer.

So tonight’s plan is sangria, tapas, and a movie!

Let’s set the mood

Since we’re doing a Spanish themed night, sift through your spotify options and get some tunes going. How about the Gipsy Kings or a Spanish guitar mix.

Or if you want to spice it up you can’t go wrong with old-school Enrique Iglesias.

Time to Pour the Drinks

I don’t know about you, but I love Sangria. Apparently in Spain this is a party drink as it’s the easiest and cheapest way to get drunk, but I think it’s perfect for any evening (or day time, for that matter)! One of my best friends studied in Spain and said her host Mom would make Sangria with Fanta (Seriously!)! So I looked for a recipe with Fanta and found Pepe’s Secret Spanish Sangria Recipe.

I thought it was pretty good, but I substituted lemons for apples, because I like to eat the fruit at the bottom of the glass (is that gross?!!). I forgot to take pictures, so the below was a bit of an afterthought on Mike’s iphone.

Since this isn’t a food blog, we’re not trying to win any awards here, so if you prefer to go grab a ready-made Sangria from your liquor store there is no judgement from me! Easy is always best in my book!

If Sangria is too sweet for you, pick up a bottle of Spanish wine (Tempranillo is a good option).

Let’s Get Cooking

I love going out for tapas! It’s fun to try a little bit of a lot of things! I pulled a few recipes I’ve found online that sound delicious. That said, if the prep time sounds too hard and unfamiliar, just make a few of your favorite appetizers (your own version of tapas). No one said they had to be Spanish.

Chorizo filled bacon wrapped dates

Bacon wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese (A personal favorite!)

Patatas Bravas (Spanish fried potatoes)

Garlicky Shrimp (Garlic + Shrimp = yum!!!)

Marinated Olives (Always a good app, but might be easier to just pick up at the store) would go great with a Spanish cheese plate (Manchego cheese is sooo good!)

Empanadas (be creative and fill them with your favorite things)

And last but not least, Paella! I actually saw that Trader Joe’s is selling a frozen Paella, so might be fun to try, and all you have to do is heat it up!

Don’t forget Churros for dessert!

Lights, Camera, Action!

This week I picked Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Not everyone is a Woody Allen fan, but there is no way you can watch this movie and not feel a little wanderlust for beautiful Barcelona! This sorta-rom-com, sorta-rom-dram won Penelope Cruise an Oscar. Not to mention Javier Bardem is sexy as ever!;) I’m pretty sure Mike might have a man-crush on him too (sorry, Mike!)

You can watch the trailer here:

The New York Times says:

“Bathed in light so lusciously golden and honeyed that you might be tempted to lick the screen, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is a rueful comedy about two young American women who, during a summertime European idyll, savor many of the Continental delicacies that such travelers often take pleasure in: art, music, culture, yes, but also strange bodies and unexpected dreams. These bodies and dreams open possibilities for the women, intimating freer, somehow different lives, despite the persistent tugging of a voice that hovers at the edge of this story trying to pull it and its characters down to earth, where desire can fade quickly.”

Tenga una buena noche!

Happy Travels!



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