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Hats are great to have on vacation, the only problem is they don’t fit in your suitcase very well. I don’t love wearing hats on longer flights because they always seem to get in the way, so I used to shy away from bringing one altogether. However, after learning an easy trick for ‘how to pack a hat’ it was a total game changer for me. Now you’ll almost never find me without one on a trip.

I thought it’d be fun to share this packing tip in video format, so take it easy on me because I’m a newbie at this and it is pretty bad despite the fact that it took me a crazy amount of time to film and edit. Nevertheless, here it is! Feel free to have a good laugh and enjoy my goofy Minnesota accent!

Here are a few of my bloopers and a guest appearance from my hubby, Mike! *And Mike, thanks for all the help with this–you were a real trooper!

In case you didn’t catch it all, here’s a recap of what to do:

1. Make sure the hat fits in the suitcase brim-side down.

2. Pack clothing items that lie flat (jeans, shorts, dresses, etc.) in the bottom of the suitcase.

3. Fill the crown of the hat with items that pack small (swimsuits, workout clothes, scarves, etc.).

4. Place the hat in the suitcase brim-side down.

5. Pack your other items around the hat until your luggage is filled.

And that’s it! With this packing method your hat should arrive in the same condition that you packed it.

Thanks for watching and hopefully my next video will be a little better. Assuming there will be another video!!! ha

Happy Travels!



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  1. 6.13.15

    Love this I am sharing on my facebook page!!

  2. 6.13.15
    la Contessa said:

    Wonderful suggestion!
    HEATHER & JENNIFER sent me over…………….where are you off to NEXT?

  3. 6.15.15
    Marcia said:

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for stopping by via Stylefocus.
    Great hat packing tips.
    LOVE your video. :) Instant smile.

  4. 5.19.23
    Silvia Tallarico said:

    How to pack a hat in a suitcase packed with packing cubes?
    Thank you