How to Vacation Like a Kennedy

America’s fascination and intrigue over the Kennedys never seems to die down. But it’s easy to see why. This was one stylish family after all. If you’re planning to take a trip this summer, why not vacation like a Kennedy and explore one of JFK and Jackie’s favorite haunts! Newport, Rhode Island Jackie spent her childhood summers in Newport at Hammersmith Farm and it was also the location of her wedding to Jack. If you make it to Newport this summer, here are my recommendations for a Kennedy-worthy vacation. Where to Stay: Castle Hill Inn or OceanCliff Where to Eat: The Mooring, The Black pearl, and don’t forget to have brunch at Castle Hill. What to Do: One of the best things to do in Newport is get out on a boat. Your guide will likely take you by Jackie’s old estate and if you do an evening cruise I can almost guarantee that you’ll see a nice sunset. Wander through town and make a visit to St. Mary’s church where they got married. Don’t forget to do the cliff walk for amazing scenery and views of incredible mansions. Don’t forget to hit the links or play tennis. Two more … Continue reading How to Vacation Like a Kennedy