New (to me) Adventures in London!

Mike and I have a trip planned to London to visit friends in the beginning of September. We’ve both been several times (I’m probably getting into double digits at this point). London is my absolute favorite city and if there was a way for me to live there for a year or two I would jump/dive/leap/roll out of a moving vehicle (you get the point) at the chance! But until that time comes I’m always happy to visit!


The other night I started making a list of things we’d like to see on this trip and decided to share in case it’s helpful to you. But to be totally honest, this post is a little self-interested (okay, a LOT self-interested) as I’d LOVE to get some recommendations on what we should do from you guys! What are your favorite things to do? What is your favorite restaurant? What MUST we see? I always love hearing from readers so please do let me know!

BUCKINGHAM PALACE – It seems as though every time I’m in London Buckingham Palace is closed for visitors. The website says it’s open through September so I may finally get to pay a visit to the Queen, or at least tour the Palace.

1. Buckingham-Palace

SHOPPING – I have several go-to shops I love to hit up every time I’m in London, but this time I’d like to explore Liberty London. I’ve also never been in a Primark. Now that they are making their way over to the US it’s about time I checked one out! Are there any stores you love in London that aren’t in the States?

Liberty London

AFTERNOON TEA – I love to try a new spot for Afternoon Tea every time I visit. I even made a list of places I want to try here. I’d love to hear other suggestions too! So many good places, so little time! (sketch Afternoon Tea is shown below)

sketch london

HARRY POTTER – My Mom and I took a trip to London many years ago. It was my first trip to Europe and is probably when I officially caught the travel bug. I bought the first Harry Potter book on that trip, I don’t think it was available in the US yet, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! I’d really like to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour. My husband isn’t as into the whole Harry Potter thing, so I’ll have to make it up to him with tickets to an English Premier League soccer game. Now the big question is… what team should we see?! If we can’t get tickets just watching in a pub will be fun too!


BRUNCH – I’ve had a lot of friends recommend brunch at Granger & Co. in Notting Hill. Is this place worth all the fuss? Either way you can’t beat a morning stroll through this lovely neighborhood!


What other things would you recommend? I can’t wait to hear!

Happy Travels!

xo, Jenny


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  1. 7.17.15
    Anne Slater-Brooks said:

    Lunch at the Savoy Grill. You can book through red letter experiences and it is pricey once you add in drinks but not ridiculous. It is worth it as the service is awesome, the food is amazing and I love the feel of this hotel!!

    • 7.20.15

      Thanks, Anne! This is a great idea and the friend I’m staying with just suggested this too!:) Once I get all of our details sorted I’m emailing all you girls to see if there is a day we can all meet!:) xo

      • 7.20.15
        Anne Slater-Brooks said:

        Yay that would be totally awesome!! Cocktails in a swish bar someplace would be nice!!

  2. 7.21.15
    Tea said:

    I heard so many things about Sketch! Must find friends who are into high tea and take them. Football wise: I’ve been to a big match in Arsenal which was amazing, but didn’t feel personal because it was huge and I’ve seen smaller clubs (West Ham/Crystal Palace) which I found more intimate. If that makes sense.

    • 7.21.15

      Tea! Thank you so much! I have a friend who follows arsenal – but I could see how the big stadium would do that! Xo

  3. 7.23.15
    Trisha Gabriel said:

    I would recommend heading to Camden Markets! Last time I was there I went and it had a lot of neat shops and booths (and very tasty treats!) The space is also amazing!
    I obviously would recommend heading to Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross… because like you I too LOVE Harry Potter 🙂

    • 7.23.15

      Thanks, Trisha! I have heard Camden Markets is amazing! Will add to the list and will definitely have to get the quintessential Harry Potter photo at platform 9! Xo

  4. 8.15.15

    Head to Borough Market for the morning. You can eat all of the best food in London all in one place. It’s so delicious! It gets pretty busy though so recommend going on a week day (Wed-Fri) if you can rather than on Saturday.

    • 8.16.15

      Hi Lucy!! Thanks so much!! I have heard great things about borough market!!! Will definitely try to make it there! Good call on the doing it on a week day too!

  5. 8.28.15
    Aleks said:

    Definitely take a walk around Carnaby Street area, you find lots of cute shops and cafe’s around there! Also check out the Saatchi Gallery on King’s Road and the Sepentine Pavillion and Gallery in Kensington Gardens.

    • 8.28.15

      Thanks, Aleks! I’ve never been to the Carnaby street area so I’ll definitely check that out as well as the others!

  6. 5.22.17
    diana teng said:

    Hi i am just in love with your pictures ! what lenses/camera equipment do you use ? thanks a bunch

    • 5.23.17

      Hi Diana, That’s so nice of you! I recently upgraded to the Canon 6D and typically use the 24-105mm lens and 50mm 1/8 lens. The real secret though, is using lightroom to brighten up the pictures!