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Hawaii SunsetOahu, Hawaii is the perfect Hawaiian destination, especially for first-timers. The shopping and nightlife in Honolulu as well as the more secluded locales of the island make Oahu a must-see for just about anyone.Haleiwa Bowl North ShoreFirst stop on the itinerary was the North Shore. There was only one thing on our minds. Acai bowls.

Acai Bowl North Shore Hawaii Full and happy we grabbed our snorkel gear. Next stop–Shark’s Cove.Snorkel North Shore HawaiiThis little swimming hole is prime real estate for fish and other interesting sea creatures. Be careful. It’s a little rocky on the way in.Sharks Cove North Shore Hawaii But once you’re in, it’s totally worth it. The snorkeling is phenomenal! Snorkel North Shore HawaiiUp next was Laniakea Beach for turtle watching.Turtles North Shore HawaiiIf you want to get closer you’ll have to go over to Ko’Olina. The turtles swim right up to you.
Turtles Ko'Olina Hawaii As soon as we were waterlogged and hungry, it was time for Haleiwa Joe’s for fresh seafood.Haleiwa Jo's Whole Fish Oahu Hawaii And fabulous ambiance to round out the day. Hawaii Sunset Oahu HawaiiThe next morning we rose early to seek out Diamond Head.

diamond head And decided to climb it for an even better view.

2 Once down it was time to learn how to ride the waves.

pre-surf After a ton few falls.

surfWe became surfing pros.

surfTo end another perfect day in Oahu, we hitched a ride on a catamaran.

sail And enjoyed another gorgeous sunset.

hawaii sunset

You had me at Aloha, Hawaii!

Surf Lessons: surfhnl.com

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