Packable Rain Boots – Keep Your Feet Happy

Every now and again I get asked whether rain boots (‘wellies’ if you are reading from across the pond) are a good idea to pack or whether to skip them. And I usually give my least favorite answer: “It depends.”

As a serious advocate for packing light, this normally wouldn’t be something I would recommend that you load your bag with, but truth be told these boots can be great for travel!

Assuming you’re going to a rainy and/or wet destination, then rain boots may be the best thing to keep you warm and happy on your trip. Places like the English Countryside, Alaska, Scotland, Seattle, Ireland, and many other destinations that have a rainy season are the perfect recipe for wet, cold feet. There’s nothing worse than wet feet when you’re traveling. And wet, cold feet = wet, cold, and unhappy travelers.

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A pair of colorful wellies can not only add some fun to you outfit, but also keep you smiling and out and about splashing in the puddles.

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Hunter Boots

Hunter boots have been my go-to rain boot for several years and they even offer a packable version called “the tour boot” that folds up nicely in a small carry-on or backpack. I’ve packed the traditional style on many trips as well, and while a little heavy, if you fill the boot with other shoes or small packable items you can still maximize the space in your bag. (This is not a sponsored post, I just really like these boots! ha)

They also have cute booties too, if that is your style.

While the price is a little steep coming in around $100 – $150 a pair, I will say that they last for years (perhaps a lifetime) and seem to get better with age.

Hunter rain boots have been around for a long time. They have been enjoyed by royalty over the years, and even Kate has been spotted in wellies.

Joules – Right as Rain Collection

I’m also loving the Right as Rain collection that Joules (a UK brand) has right now. Welcome Spring and bring on the rain!:)

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