Postcards from Provence – Roussillon

Several years ago I read the book ‘A Year in Provence’ by Peter Mayle. He also wrote ‘A Good Year’ which became a movie starring Russell Crowe & Marion Cotillard. Not the best movie ever, but the scenery of Provence is to die for!  Flash forward to this summer and I knew we had to spend a few days in the Luberon region where he spent a lot of his time. One of my favorite little towns in this region was Roussillon. Yes, it’s touristy. And no, there isn’t a whole lot to do. But it is so colorful and cheerful it is definitely worth a stop for a few hours if you’re in the area. Here is my recommended itinerary if you do happen to visit this tiny village – stroll, eat lunch, stroll, have ice cream, stroll drink an aperitif, stroll, pop into an art gallery… you get the point.

So without further ado, here are my Postcards from Roussillon.

Roussillon RoussillonRoussillonRoussillonRoussillon RoussillonLuberon LuberonRoussillon LuberonLuberon RoussillonRoussillonDo you still send postcards? It’s kind of a funny thing to do these days with the ease of the internet and it can be such a pain in the butt to find international stamps, but who doesn’t love to receive snail mail every once and awhile? My Mom always writes a postcard to me no matter where she goes, so I try to keep up the tradition to her as well (even though I don’t always come through)!

Luberon Luberon Lavender Ice creamI had to try the lavender ice cream since we were in the land of lavender fields! And I have to say it was really good! Give it a try if you’re in the South of France!

More posts on Provence to come!

Bon Voyage!





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  1. 9.30.15
    Anne said:

    I always send a postcard to my friend’s little boy who is really into geography and he is only 7! I want to keep his travel lust alive before the Xbox generation kicks in. I have to pass down my love of travel to random friends’ children because my own step-kids really aren’t that interested!! If it doesn’t involve sun, sunbeds and nightlife, it is not for them…but then hey, I was the same when I was a teenager!

    Looks lovely….reminds me of what I loved about France when I was living there. Quaint villages, good food and awesome wine! In fact, I need to jump on a plane right now…

    • 10.1.15

      That’s so sweet of you, Anne! I hope his parents save them for him to see when he’s older too! Yah, teenagers are tough to impress!;) Where in France did you live? xo

      • 10.1.15
        Anne said:

        I lived in Alsace on the German border. It was stunning! Would highly recommend it for awesome wine, stunning scenery and picture postcard villages.

        • 10.1.15

          Ooh, nice! I’ve seen photos of Alsace and it looks gorgeous! You lucky duck!