Should I start a Blog?


I’ve had a few friends ask me about starting their own blog recently and I figured there have to be a few more of you out there wondering whether to get your feet wet in the world of blogging. So I’m taking a break from travel posts today and discussing why I think you should start a blog.

On Taking the Plunge

When I started Traveling Chic in 2007, blogging was still pretty new. I thought it was only an outlet for people to rant about their frustrations with the world. I didn’t think of it as an information resource, a place for beautiful pictures, or a source for inspiration.

I had just opened my online store and my designer told me that I needed to blog in order to get my site listed higher in search engines. So I started blogging. There were no pictures, just travel tips, and I was completely, totally, 100%, embarrassed about it. I don’t think I told anyone that I had a blog. It was too weird to me. Flash forward to now and it seems like everyone I know has a blog, or at least references something they read from a blog on the daily.

On the Little Voice in Your Head

So back to the question. Should I start a blog? YES! If you are reading this, then I know you already like blogs. And if you like blogs, I can guarantee that there has been a little voice in your head that said “maybe I should start a blog.”

On What to Write About

But I’m sure the next question was, “but what would I write about?”

That’s easy! Do you like to cook, maybe you like shopping, are you good at writing, perhaps you’re into beautiful design or photography, are you a proud mama, into dogs, are you a news, politics, or history buff, do you love to travel, like me? Maybe you like all of those things. Blogging lets you explore these passions without having to be an expert at any of them.

I promise you that if you start writing and posting on things you love, there is something inside of you that will come alive! Blogging is great because it gives you a chance to delve into your passions, but it doesn’t require you to quit your day job. And maybe one day it will even become your day job!

On Narcissism

But isn’t it a little self-absorbed to start a blog? Maybe. But who cares! I really think everyone has a fresh perspective on life and at least one fabulous blog waiting inside of them. Chances are whatever you put out there will resonate with someone. Most likely a lot of someones!

I’m not going to get into how to start a blog today, but perhaps I’ll write a post on my experiences setting up a blog in the future (if it is something that interests you). Let me know!


If you’ve visited traveling chic’s website in the last couple days I’m sure you’ve noticed a few changes around here. I’ve been working with the incredibly talented Lindsay Humes over at White Oak Creative for a blog makeover. She was so fantastic to work with–I’m actually kind of sad the whole process is over! I think she did such an amazing job with the layout, the header, and the overall branding for Traveling Chic. I hope you like it and I hope this makes for a more enjoyable reading experience for you!


Enough said. My advice to you is simple – just go for it! Start your blog!

What are you waiting for?!!!

Happy Travels!



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  1. 6.2.15

    This post is awesome, Jenny! I appreciate your whole mindset about everyone having a unique perspective! And thank you so much for the shout out! I’m so glad you like the site!!