Ski Trip: Swiss Alps

Good morning fellow travelers! Planning a Ski trip to the Swiss Alps anytime soon?

I love a visit to the Mountains for the beautiful scenery and the smell of fresh alpine air. One of my most memorable ski trips was a family vacation to Zermatt, Switzerland. The charming village is at the base of the Matterhorn, so there is always a postcard view of the incredible Swiss Alps. The town doesn’t allow cars. Instead, you’ll find cobbled streets filled with horse-drawn sleighs and stylish Europeans bustling around shops and restaurants. The very best part of this magical little town is the gluttony of Swiss chocolate and fondue you’ll find at every corner!  It’s a good thing you’ll be skiing every day, because it’s hard to say no to all this deliciousness. Definitely put Zermatt, Switzerland on your must visit list!

Happy Travels!


Ski Trip: Swiss Alps
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