Summer To-Do List

It seems like we wait all year for summer to arrive and then these warm summer months fly by in the blink of an eye. The weekends are full of weddings, graduation parties, BBQs, and trips and before you know it, you are dusting off your coats and sweaters to get ready for fall and back to school prep. It’s always fun to have a little summer to-do list to make sure you’re making the most of the precious few months of summer!

Summer To Do List

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Here are a few other summer to-dos to help make the most of the sunny months!

  1. Sneak out early from work (shhh, don’t tell!) and take the scenic drive home with the windows down
  2. Read a book on a hammock
  3. Enjoy cocktails with friends on a patio
  4. Stop at the farmer’s market for flowers and food to make an al fresco dinner
  5. Watch the sunset with your loved ones
  6. Take an Italian passeggiata*

*One of my favorite things about the Italian culture is their summer tradition of “passeggiata” or a little walk. Between 5pm-7pm, Italians head into the streets and take a little stroll saying hi to friends and neighbors, working up an appetite before dinner, or just getting outside for some fresh air. How great is that?! There’s nothing I love more than a stroll around the neighborhood and I love the sense of community that surrounds this tradition. So in the spirit of an Italian summer, take an evening stroll in your neighborhood and say hi to your neighbors! You might as well keep the Italian theme going and plan an Aperitivo hour (make an Aperol Spritz, Sgroppino, or Bellini, and a cheese plate) and have a big pasta dinner or make pizzas on the grill! Sounds like the perfect Saturday evening to me!

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What’s on your summer to-do list?! I’d love to hear!

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