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My Trip to London

Hi Guys! I’m back from our trip to England and France and have to apologize for not posting while I was gone. I fully intended to as we had wi-fi at all of our hotels, but the service was a bit in and out so it was difficult to upload photos. To be totally honest, it was a blessing in disguise as it was nice to put the laptop away and fully enjoy the vacation! Today I have a few…

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New (to me) Adventures in London!

Mike and I have a trip planned to London to visit friends in the beginning of September. We’ve both been several times (I’m probably getting into double digits at this point). London is my absolute favorite city and if there was a way for me to live there for a year or two I would jump/dive/leap/roll out of a moving vehicle (you get the point) at the chance! But until that time comes I’m always happy to visit! The other…

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