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Dinner & A Movie – Wimbledon, London

It’s Wimbledon time and the grass may be greener for many of the ladies players now that Serena is out of the competition. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament around the world, dating back to 1877, and definitely my favorite of the Grand Slams. Even if you’re not into tennis, there are many things to “love-love” about Wimbledon. The traditional Pimm’s cup, tennis whites (I always enjoy seeing what Kate will wear), strawberries and cream, and the cute talented guys…

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Dinner & A Movie – France

Bonjour! Did you know today is National RosΓ© Day? I don’t know who comes up with these days, but I’m always up for any reason to celebrate–especially when it involves wine! With rosΓ© in mind, it only makes sense that we honor the south of France tonight and sip on what I think is summertime’s best wine! Cool, crisp, and pretty in pink. Let’s set the mood Why not turn on the soundtrack to A Good Year or better yet,…

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Dinner & A Movie – Greece

Alright Guys, this weekend’s Dinner & A Movie is Mamma Mia and Shrimp Saganaki! Get ready to indulge in Mediterranean food, take in the views of Greece’s infamous sunsets, and enjoy tolerable renditions of ABBA by Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Meryl Streep! Let’s set the mood Dancing Queen. Volume up. Need I say more? Pour yourself a drink When I was in Greece, one of my tour guides claimed Greece invented wine. While I’m not sure whether that is…

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