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Weekend Wanderlust + The London Itinerary is LIVE!

Happy Weekend! Roll out the red carpet, turn on the Beatles, pour yourself a spot of tea: The Traveling Chic London Itinerary is LIVE! I put a lot of energy and all of my LOVE for London into this guide and I couldn’t be more excited to have this resource available for you on the website! I think you’ll find it incredibly useful if you are planning a trip to London soon. You can purchase the 30+ page Itinerary HERE, but…

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15 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit London

From quintessential red phone booths and double-decker buses to Afternoon Tea and Buckingham Palace—there is something for everyone to enjoy in this city. London is an eclectic mix of old and new, full of history and tradition as well as modern art and contemporary restaurants. Although we share a language with England, there are quite a few differences to be aware of when visiting. I’ve pulled together my top 15 things to know before you go for those of you…

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British vs. American English (and the hilarious differences!)

Do you remember the scene from Love Actually where Collin visits Wisconsin and goes to an “average American bar” only to find three drop dead gorgeous women who are in love with his English accent?! I’ve always loved this scene, partly because it’s so ridiculous, and partly because one of my favorite things about traveling or meeting people from different countries is listening to the differences in our languages. Below is the clip from the movie if you haven’t seen…

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Where to Stay in London – Hotels for Every Budget

It’s no secret that London is my absolute favorite big city! And one of the best parts about London is the charming neighborhoods. Along with charming neighborhoods, London has no shortage of charming hotels–but, unfortunately, they also come at a high price. When searching for a hotel, pick a few neighborhoods you’d be interested to stay in and then start your search from there. Below I’ve provided a list of hotel recommendations. I haven’t stayed in all of these locations,…

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10 Airbnbs for your Next European Vacation

This weekend I was browsing Airbnbs for a trip to Europe and found myself deep in the rabbit hole of possibilities. I’m actually embarrassed to admit how much time I spent online looking through options on a beautiful Sunday morning (Insert grimace emoji)! If you’re not a millennial the idea of staying in a stranger’s home may seem odd, but if you do the proper research I think you’ll be surprised how many fabulous finds there are and how much…

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London, England – The Perfect Itinerary for First-timers

We’re so excited for your upcoming trip to London! From quintessential red phone booths to afternoon tea and Buckingham Palace—there truly is something for everyone to enjoy in this city. London is an eclectic mix of old and new, full of history and tradition as well as modern art and contemporary restaurants. We can’t wait for you to experience everything this incredible city has to offer. Whether you have a long weekend or an entire week, we’ve got the perfect…

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Kate & Will’s London – A Royal-worthy Trip

Okay, so I know some of you are going to roll your eyes when you see this post as you couldn’t care less about the Royal Family, but if you’re anything like me you find the pomp and circumstance, and all the pageantry incredibly fascinating! On our recent trip to London we visited Buckingham Palace and strolled around Kensington Palace. I couldn’t help but think it’d be fun to visit London on a Kate and Will itinerary. So roll out…

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