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20 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Rome

General Knowledge Currency – Italy uses the Euro (“€”). Reservations – Make reservations for museums, tours, and restaurants whenever possible. Check if there is A/C when booking your accommodations if you are traveling in the summer. Electronics – Standard voltage is 220V (U.S. uses 110V). Check your electronics to see if they are dual voltage. Don’t forget an adapter so your electronics will fit into the outlets. VAT (value added tax) – A 22% tax on most goods and services…

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25 Things You Must Do in Rome, Italy

Rome has definitely earned its nickname as the eternal city, with over 3,000 years of history and ancient ruins that you can still explore. Rome’s culture, charming alleys, and delicious food, make this city one of the most unforgettable places to visit in the world! There is so much to eat, see, and do in this magical city, we’ve narrowed down our top 25 things you MUST do in order to help you plan your first visit to Rome! Marvel…

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Weekend Wanderlust + Roman Holiday

Happy (LONG) Weekend! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend planned! I’ve just finished up the Rome Travel Itinerary (check it out HERE if you have a trip planned to Italy soon) and I couldn’t help but think about having my own Roman Holiday this weekend! If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a classic comedy about a Princess tired of her daily duties who sneaks out to explore Rome. Needless to say, a weekend of indulging in things…

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How to Order Coffee in Italy + Will Starbucks Succeed in Milan?

Will Starbucks Succeed in Milan? Why aren’t there any Starbucks in Italy? It’s a question that comes up often when visiting as most travelers are used to seeing one on every corner these days. I have always felt a sense of pride for Italy that they’ve held off for so long (that is until next month). Don’t get me wrong, a White Mocha from Starbucks is one of my favorite indulgences, but I think it’s safe to say even the…

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Tips for Riding Trains in Italy (and avoiding an emotional meltdown!)

Italy is my happy place and you will never hear me say a bad word about this fantastic country except when it involves train stations! I suppose the stress that comes with foreign train systems isn’t unique to Italy, but without a doubt trying to ride a train in a foreign country has to be in my top ten most stressful activities! That said, the trains in Italy (or all of Europe for that matter) are efficient, relaxing once you…

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Italian Phrases To Know Before You Go

It’s always a good idea to learn at least a few phrases of the local language when you’re visiting a foreign country. Making an effort to speak someone’s language (even if it’s just a few words) usually goes a long way. It’s also a good idea for safety reasons if you find yourself in need of a doctor. Sometimes guidebooks can over do it with the list of words and phrases you “need” to know, so below I’ve included a…

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Dinner & A Movie – Italy

Ciao and Buonasera! Tonight it’s Italian night, but instead of cooking we’re ordering in pizza, picking up gelato, and watching Roman Holiday! If you’re in need of Saturday evening inspiration, this should be an easy and delicious one for tonight! Let’s set the mood When I think of an Italian Night, songs from the Rat Pack always come to mind. So look up Frank and Dean on your spotify and get ready for some good-old Italian-American crooning! Time to Pour…

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