The Art of Packing Light

One of my favorite packing mantras is: “Pack half as much as you think, but bring twice as much money!” It is definitely possible to pack light if you choose your items well! I never bring stuff that I don’t wear at home. Chances are it will sit in your suitcase the same way it hangs in your closet! I also like to stick to either blacks or browns, this cuts down on the number of shoes you have to carry and keeps your luggage from getting too heavy! Don’t forget that accessories, such as, scarves and jewelry help create the illusion of more outfits and take up very little room! Also, I usually find that traveling tends to cost more than you budget for… meaning there are always more things that you’d like to do and more souvenirs that you’d like to bring home! If possible bring more money than you initially planned for because it’s no fun going home wishing you had done something or thinking about a gift you couldn’t bring back!

The Art of Packing Light

Rag bone

Striped blazer



Kate spade watch


Polka dot umbrella

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