The Best of Positano, Italy – Shhhh, Don’t Tell!


If Paradise had to pick a destination I can almost guarantee you that it would be Positano, Italy. Located a couple of hours south of Rome and perched along the cliffs of the Amalfi coast, it’s the perfect place for an Italian seaside vacation. Before I get into a couple of my favorite spots, let me just say that you can do no wrong in this quaint little town. The people, the food, the vistas are all fantastico!


1. The Best View

There are no bad views in Positano, but truth be told, some are better than others. Hotel Le Sirenuse might be out of your hotel travel budget, it’s out of mine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a bite to eat and pretend to be a guest. Even if it is only for an hour or two. The pool terrace is filled with lemon trees and has a lovely view. There is also a champagne and oyster terrace. Equally beautiful with equally delicious food. I haven’t eaten in the hotel restaurant, but I hear it has a tasting menu and wine flights that will leave you fat and happy. The food is amazing. The view is amazing. The ambiance is amazing. Enough said.

2. The Best Lunch

Take a boat ride out to Laurito Beach and have lunch at Da Adolfo. Although this beach is full of pebbles, you’ll have a grand ol’ time climbing the rocks and swimming in the cold, clear water. When it’s time to eat be sure to order the mozzarella on a lemon leaf. You won’t be disappointed.

Have your hotel make a reservation for you and then pick up the boat at Positano wharf. It has a red fish on it. Get there early as sometimes the boat fills and they have to come back for a second trip.


3. The Best Art

If you see a man on the beach painting the most beautiful watercolors, stop and have a chat! His name is Pasquale Volpe and he’s a friendly guy. His paintings capture the dreaminess of the Amalfi Coast–you’ll probably want to take one home. I did!  You can find some of his work online here.


4. The Best Snack on the Beach

The paninos from Vini é Panini are absolutely delicious! The perfect snack to enjoy on a beach chair by the ocean. They are even better if followed with a lemon granita or a shot of lemoncello!

5. The Emerald Grotto

Everyone who has visited the Amalfi Coast knows about the Blue Grotto in Capri, but Positano has a grotto of its own! The Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo) is equally as nice and is much less touristy than its more famous sibling. Don’t believe me? Hire a boat and see for yourself!

6. The Best Local Beach

The pebble beaches, Spiaggia Grande and Spiaggia del Fornillo, are fabulous and located right in Positano. But if you want to venture out, check out Fiordo di Furore. You won’t find restaurants, but you will find a beautiful beach filled with local Italians. The perfect pit stop on a coastal drive.

Need more tips? Check out my packing tips for the Amalfi Coast here and here.

Happy Travels!




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  1. 5.28.15
    Mike said:

    Molo Bene Jenny!!

    Love that place!

  2. 10.1.15

    How did I miss this post? We are staying in Positano in July so I’m definitely bookmarking this post.
    Fun pics!
    xx, Heather
    PS-Lifestyle linkup is live again tomorrow!

    • 10.2.15

      Heather! You are going to have so much fun! SOOOOO jealous! xo

    • 1.18.16
      Lori said:

      We are going the same time!

  3. 11.11.15
    Kari Kryda said:

    Hi!! Do you recommend any hotels in Positano?

    • 12.15.15
      Doreen said:

      Buca d bacco hotel, I might have messed up on spelling it but we were treated so well and the breakfasts we’re absolutely great. They went above and beyond in personalizing service. Highly recommend.Great location too.

    • 3.1.16
      Mike said:

      Albergo savoia in the city center very close to beach not long of a walk to anywhere and eat at da constantino

      Mike from Boston

  4. 2.24.16
    Constance said:

    Love this article! I am going to Positano in June with Nada’s Italy tours.. But hope to have some spare time to do some of your awesome suggestions!

    • 2.24.16

      Hi Constance! Oh, how fun! You will have an amazing time!!! Let me know how the tour was! I’m dying to go back there!

      • 2.24.16
        Constance said:

        This will be my second tour with Nada’s Italy, last year to the Piemonte/Lake Como region and it was fantastic! My first trip to Rome my husband and I spent twice much stayed half the time and did not see half as much as what we saw when we went with the tour to Lake Como.

        • 3.5.16

          That sounds wonderful! When I visited Lake Como we weren’t quite sure what to check out, so I’m sure it would have been nice to be on a tour! Have fun!!

  5. 3.9.16

    Traveling here in October.. can I ask how you got the painting home?
    Thank you!

    • 3.13.16

      Hi Nancy! I’m so jealous! Positano is the BEST! He actually had painting roll-up storage on hand, and it was in excellent condition when I got it home. I can’t remember if I carried it on the flight with me, or if I put it in my suitcase (I had a large suitcase because I was studying abroad). Hope you find one you love! xo

    • 4.1.16
      claudette said:

      ask him to roll the canvas and take stretchers apart – or you can do – just need a staple gun to put back together

  6. 3.27.16
    Kathie said:

    Super helpful suggestions. First week of August, Positano will be our home for a glorious week….a dream coming true. Many thanks for sharing these chic secrets….this is exactly the kind of Intel we value.

  7. 4.25.16
    Sophie said:

    Positano looks AMAZING! I love your photos. I’m considering going to Italy at the end of the year for a few weeks and will definitely go here!

  8. 5.31.16
    Lisa said:

    Thank you for the information! My husband and I will in Positano for four days in July and can’t wait!!!

  9. 8.14.16
    Nyrie Paloulian said:

    We are going end of October would you recommend Positano over Sorento?

    • 8.21.16

      Hi Nyrie! Lucky you! Sorrento is very nice, but I would definitely recommend Positano over Sorrento.

  10. 9.9.16

    Starting our Italy vacation this October with Capri and Amalfi. Your post will be a useful reference point. Thanks 🙂

  11. 3.28.17
    Lola said:

    Going to Positano in August with my 13 year old grandson – I didn’t see anything about the “hike of the Gods” that you mentioned.
    How long is the hike & where is it?

  12. 5.24.17
    jennifer said:

    Thank you for this posting. I’m going to Italy for the first time ever in mid July and we’re a little behind on booking hotels. The affordable ones are hard to find. Anyone have any suggestions or Air BNB’s in Positano?

    Also heading to Florence and Rome. Can’t wait. Any suggestions are welcome.

  13. 11.5.22
    Kevin Horton said:

    Hi Jenny My wife and I were in Positano in October 2022 and met Pasquale Volpe on the beach. Had a nice visit. He is amazing. We bought a painting and he was going to ship it to us but sadly we have not received it. Do you happen to have a contact # or email address for him? Please feel free to email me directly.