The BEST Travel Bag – Longchamp Le Pliage Tote

Ode to Longchamp bag

I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a nylon tote. But trip after trip, I’m always bringing this trusty bag with me. Probably because it has Mary Poppins like qualities and holds pretty much everything I could ever want to take with me. It’s practical, durable, and is seemingly timeless as it remains in style year after year. Even Princess Kate has been spotted with one of these at the airport.

I had Mike snap a few pictures of me before a work trip so you could see the bag in action.

Longchamp Weekender Bag

I like the weekender (above) because it sits on my carry-on nicely and I don’t end up wrecking my shoulder if I’m running through the airport. The smaller sizes are also great because they can be folded to fit in your luggage without taking up much space.

Black longchamp le pliage tote with animal print jacket

I’ve owned one of these totes since college and I’m still using it. How many bags can you say that about? Although not necessarily a steal at a little over a hundred bucks it really is pretty reasonably priced considering how much use you’ll get out of it.

Traveling Chic in longchamp le pliage toteI love the black and brown color because it goes with everything, but there are a lot of cute colorful styles as well!

Shop all the colors here:

Happy Travels! xo, Jenny

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  1. 5.19.15
    Mike said:

    Great pics Jenny!

  2. 5.20.15

    I hear nothing but good things about these bags, and I might have to invest in/splurge on the Weekender one soon…and yes, cute pictures!

  3. 6.13.15
    miss b said:

    I’m a fan of these too! In fact I have two in different colours. I like the fact that they are so lightweight and timeless too.

  4. 6.13.15

    Super recommendation on the bag. It’s looks very chic on you! Thanks for joining our Lifestyle Linkup this weekend. I love having your posts in the showcase. I’ve also just added you to my ‘blog crushes’ list. We travelers must stay in touch! Scott and I are headed to Riviera Maya this summer. Where are you off to?
    Happy weekend!

    • 6.15.15

      Thanks, Heather! Loving the Linkup so far! Agreed, I love reading about all your travels with your hubby! I was in Riviera Maya for a wedding last year! You guys will have a blast! Only local travel for me this summer, but a trip to Europe this fall is in the works!:)

  5. 6.15.15
    Leigh Powell Hines said:

    I love the longchamp bag. Nice to discover your blog.

  6. 6.15.15

    This is such a great bag! I totally agree about the black and brown. I love the colors,but this would go with everything! Thanks for joining us for #stylefocus so we could meet you!!

    • 6.16.15

      Thanks, Jennifer and thanks for hosting the #stylefocus! So fun to get to “meet” other bloggers!

  7. 9.15.15
    Annémarie said:

    Hi, glad to have stumbled across your blog. My husband and I both a true believers in the lomgchamps tote. We travel often and I have the large travel bag (. Weekender) in red and use either my navy or my brown shoulder bag tote as my handbag. My hubby goes for the masculine black x large travel bag. Now my 17 year old daughter wants her first Longchamp tote, only problem what colour?
    Does anyone know if they are still doing the white colour in the small short handle?

    Looking forward to keeping in touch with your blog

    • 9.15.15

      Thanks, Annemarie! They really are the best! I was actually looking for a white one this summer! I wasn’t able to find it at any stores, but saw it on eBay. Might be worth looking there, but there is always the risk it’s not authentic. I think the color is called ecru! Good luck scouting!

  8. 2.10.16
    Marlene said:

    I absolutely agree! These are the best for travel. I’ve had mine for years and they still look great. Here’s a tip for getting them at a discount… buy them in Europe! They are so much more reasonably priced than in the US that even after the currency exchange, you’ll still win. I got one of my medium Le Pliage totes at a little shop in Rome for €40 (vs paying US$120+). And I found my Le Pliage Expandable Travel Bag at the Galleries Lafayette in Nice for €110 which was a steal compared to the US$255 price tag here. Next time you’re in a European city I recommend checking out their local department store for Longchamp bags… you might find a nice surprise. Happy travels!

  9. 3.25.16
    Ira said:

    Hi, do you know which size the black shoulder tote is? I am looking for one but I don’t know which size i have to get! Hopefully you can help me because this size is really pretty! Love

    • 4.6.16
      Jenny said:

      Hi Ira – The shoulder tote I’m carrying is usually called the medium should bag and retails for $125. Sometimes I see it called a different size, so wanted to mention the price. The larger size is more of a traditional size tote for laptops and it retails for $145. Hope that helps!

  10. 4.5.16
    estel said:

    hello!!! which size is the one you are wearing? I don’t know if I should buy the small with long handle or the size L with long handle… is the one in the pic size L?? because I love it! thanksss

    • 4.6.16
      Jenny said:

      Hi Estel! I’m wearing the medium size (sometimes called small size) in the picture with the long handle – it retails for $125 and is the perfect shoulder bag for wallet, camera, etc. I also like the large style that retails for $145. I’ve used that size for both work and travel and is a great size if I need to carry my laptop. Hope that helps!

  11. 3.12.17
    Sun said:

    Will the xtra large le pliage short handle tote and large long handle tote meet airline carryon guidelines?