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They whiz through security, take a left instead of a right when boarding the plane, and somehow manage to appear stylish, confident, and unfrazzled at all times. It’s none other than the business traveler. There is something so effortless about their traveling ways. So what’s their secret?


Business travelers have packed so many times that they know exactly what they will wear and what they will need for the week. They don’t waste space with extra clothes, shoes, accessories, or electronics. They have their go-to wardrobe and have invested in travel sized products. Not only is it easier to get dressed with limited options, but lighter bags allow you to move quickly and seamlessly through the airport and on public transportation.


Business travelers have thought through all stages of their travel experience before they even leave for the airport. They pack things so that they can pull out their electronics and toiletries quickly in security. Their bag is the perfect size to fit in the overhead compartment. They pack a smaller bag to go under their seat with everything they need for the flight. Their transportation to and from is prearranged and they stay up to date on flight times with their smart phone. You get the idea. Every step along the way is organized and prepared.


Business travelers are about the only people who still dress up for flights these days. While it’s sometimes nice to wear a hoodie and leggings on a long flight, I’ve found that when you are dressed professionally TSA employees, flight attendants, and other passengers tend to treat you more professionally. Time to bring back the lost art of stylish travel!



These days most people have carry-on bags with wheels, but most business travelers go one step further with four-wheel spinner luggage. Years ago the two extra wheels were a bit of a luxury, but now you can get one at all price points. The extra wheels help you move through the airport much quicker as they ride along side you with little effort on your part. Pulling on a two-wheel bag wears on your back and shoulder over time (Trust me – I know from my flight attendant days). So next time you upgrade your luggage go for the spinner case.


Business travelers know the perks that come from airline mileage programs and hotel rewards programs. But they also know it’s important to stay loyal to one airline, one hotel chain, and one car rental company to maximize the perks. Once you’ve picked out your go-to brands try to stay loyal whenever possible to take advantage of free flights and hotel


When TSA Precheck first came out it was difficult to obtain and it catered to mostly business travelers. Now it’s much easier to get approval for. Not only are the lines often shorter, but you don’t have to remove your shoes, laptop, belt, or liquids before going through security.


Business travelers know the importance of being comfortable on a flight. Whether they need to get work done, or a good nights sleep before an important meeting the next day, comfort is key to making this happen. Splurging for extras like noise cancelling headphones, chargers, travel blankets, and neck pillows are worth it so you aren’t cold, bored, or annoyed for the duration of your flight.


Happy Travels!



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  1. 12.22.15

    I have only just come across your blog, but I’m really enjoying it! This post is really useful thank you, I’m definitely getting a spinner case as my current one is about to die!

    Briony xx

    The Life of Briony // Bloglovin’

  2. 3.4.16

    So glad to have come across your blog. I am looking for feedback on “splurging” on business class for an international flight? Is it worth it? I don’t sleep well away from home, so anytime I may experience jet lag I get a little nervous and start planning my rest. Also my husband is 6’5″ and extra leg and head room is great for him. Booking our flight soon. Thanks in advance.

    • 3.5.16

      Hi Jennifer! Business class is soooo much better than coach! That said, it really depends on your budget. If you have room in your budget for it, then I’m sure you’ll sleep a little better (although never as good as if you were in an actual bed) and your husband will really like the extra leg room. My husband is 6′ 3”, so he can relate! But if it takes too much away from your trip budget, you may want to save the money and splurge when you get there. Have fun on your trip!