Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Magic of Film Making!

One of the best things we did on our recent trip to Los Angeles was joining the Warner Bros Studio Tour. Upon arrival we watched a video learning about the history of the studios and some fun anecdotes about the different movies and TV shows that have filmed there. Afterwards, our guide brought us to a golf court (which is what everyone drives on the studio lots to avoid the loud noises a car can make). We were whisked off to explore the grounds and check out various sound stages with a knowledgeable movie junkie to provide the details. I loved seeing the mock-up of Central Perk from Friends, the filming set of Stars Hollow for Gilmore Girls, a collection of Batmobiles, and lots of Harry Potter paraphernalia. As a side note, I would highly suggest a day at Universal Studios to explore the Harry Potter Park if you or your kids are into the franchise. From Butterbeer, to wands, to fun rides, it’s so incredibly fun. We had already visited the sister park in Orlando, so skipped this on our trip to LA but would definitely recommend it. Okay, back to the WB Studio tour. We were able to … Continue reading Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Magic of Film Making!