Weekend Reading + Rosé All Day

  1. Since it’s national Rosé day, here are a few funny memes to enjoy while you sip your favorite pink wine!
  2. I know I’m always linking to James Corden’s carpool karaoke, but there have been so many good ones lately! This week he had Ed Sheeran join him (and you know how I love him!). It’s a good one–check it out here. James Corden’s celebration and message to London was very heartfelt too.

  3. The zip line at the Eiffel Tower is now open. The attraction was set-up to celebrate the start of the French Open.
  4. How silly and cute are these mouse shops?!
  5. So excited to see Wonder Woman this weekend. It’s getting great reviews, and what girl can’t get excited about a female super hero/! Not to mention it’s 90+ degrees in the Twin Cities, so the perfect weekend for an air-conditioned movie.
  6. Tina Fey on parenting. LOL.
  7. Have you had a sushi burrito yet? I’m kind of obsessed with them, and was super excited to see this recipe idea. Who would have thought to add Cheetos?! Ingenious! If you’re in Minneapolis check out Sotarol!
  8. How cute are these palm leggings from J Crew. Perfect for a work out in a sunny destination!
  9. If Sex and the City came out in 2017, Miranda would be the protagonist (thoughts?!)
  10. The Story of the Lunchbox. This sweet Norweigan ad got Got 120 Million Views in a Week.

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