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Happy Weekend!

I’m in Maine this weekend for a wedding and looking forward to ALL the lobster rolls and taking in the jagged coastline and ocean views! I visited Kennebunkport a few years ago and fell in love with Maine, so I’m looking forward to exploring more of the coastline on this trip!

Now, let’s get on with the weekend wanderlust!

Answering Your Frequently Asked Travel Questions:


What are the best ways to minimize jet lag after a long flight?


Below are my best tips on how to arrive feeling (somewhat) fabulous after a time zone change and minimal sleep on a flight.


Optimum Flight Time – Price is usually the driving factor when choosing my flights, but if it is a long flight I pay attention to the departure and arrival times. I usually prefer to book flights that leave in the afternoon or evening so it is easier to sleep on the plane. Even just a few hours of sleep is better than missing an entire night of sleep!

Bed Time – A few days before the trip I’ll try to go to bed a little earlier or a little later depending on whether I’m going east or west coast. This helps with my sleep schedule as it creates less of a time change.

Mental Clock – If I’m wearing a watch I’ll change it to the destination time when I’m boarding. Even if I’m not, I change my mental clock to the new time. When you’re traveling it’s so tempting to talk about what time it is at home, or how many hours you’ve been up, but don’t do it! As soon as you can get on the new time the better. Fake it until you make it!


Drink Lots of Water – Since I’m usually trying to sleep during long flights I don’t get a lot of water in me. To make up for it, I try to drink a lot before I board and when we’re landing. If you’re awake I’ve heard that you should have 8 oz every hour on a flight, but if you’re trying for that I’d make sure to get an aisle seat!:)

Skin Care – Sitting on an airplane will dry out your skin. Period. I’ve found that wearing no makeup, limiting alcoholic drinks to one (or none), and applying moisturizer to my face mid-flight keeps my skin feeling its best.


When I first started working as a flight attendant I was flying to Asia one week and Europe the next and my internal clock was way off! Eventually I came up with my perfect arrival routine to combat the tiredness. I prefer to go straight to the hotel to check-in, take a shower, and change into fresh clothes. I don’t even let myself sit down on the bed as it can be so tempting to curl up and go to sleep. Instead I head out to grab a coffee and walk around the city.

If I’m extremely tired after walking around for a few hours I’ll let myself have an hour or two nap before dinner (but that can be risky because sometimes you feel a little worse after). For dinner I seek out a lively place (quiet locations make me want to fall asleep at the table!) and try to stay up as late as I can to help get on the local time as quickly as possible.

Hotel Spotlight: Marina Bay Sands Resort

With Crazy Rich Asians being one of the most popular movies this summer, I have to imagine it put Singapore on the top of many of your travel bucket lists. At the end of the movie they film the Marina Bay Sands resort and you get a nice view of the infinity pool. It looks amazing, but also a little scary so high up, and the perfect place to sip a Singapore Sling poolside! You can find more film locations from the movie here.

Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively; unless you can choose a challenge instead of competence.”

Traveling Chic:

The Ultimate Paris Bucket List

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