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Happy Weekend!

This week I announced the launch of my New York City Itinerary. Thank you for all of your support and feedback! I also wanted to apologize for the additional email I sent to you on Tuesday! I was switching newsletter providers and I accidentally sent a welcome email to ALL subscribers instead of just new subscribers. #facepalm #whyistechnologysohard

This weekend I’m up north for a cabin weekend! Looking forward to waking up to the sound of loons, picking wild blueberries, pancakes, bonfires, lake time, and soaking in summer. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. – There are a couple days left of the giveaway. Don’t forget to enter if you haven’t yet!

Travel Tip:

If you travel a lot, or even just a couple of times a year, it’s really helpful to designate a “travel drawer” to hold all of your travel items. Find an empty drawer or a box to keep your passport, copies of important documents, travel sized beauty products, packing lists, adapters, chargers, and other things you usually bring on a trip. Having a go-to location keeps you a little more organized and makes packing so much easier.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Travel Questions:


What is the difference between an adapter and a converter? Do I need one?


There are two differences in the electric system in foreign countries to take into consideration.

  1. The outlets in foreign countries are often different sizes than your home country, so if you tried to plug your device into an outlet it wouldn’t fit. This is where an adapter comes into play.
  2. The voltage current in a foreign country may be different than the voltage used in your home country (i.e. America runs on 110 volts and Europe runs on 220 volts). If you try to use electronics with the wrong voltage they can surge the electronics causing them to overheat or even fry them so they no longer work. This is where a converter comes into play (if you don’t have dual-voltage electronics).


The good news is most modern appliances come as dual-voltage and don’t require a converter. Check the tag to see if they indicate 110-220v. Computer and phone chargers typically come dual-voltage, but double check your hairdryers, travel steamers, and curling irons. There are so many dual-voltage electronics available I don’t travel with a converter anymore.


I never travel internationally without an adapter for the countries I’m visiting. This is a good adapter for phones and computers (comes with USB ports too). If you’re bringing expensive curling irons or hair dryers you may want to spend a little more (here’s a good option). If you want one just for apple products, they sell a world adapter kit. Some European countries have small plugins that are recessed in the wall, so having a small adapter may be needed (these small individual adapters have worked great for me in the past – but I would only use with computers and cell phones). If you end up forgetting one, or your adapter doesn’t fit in the outlet, check with the hotel front desk as they may loan you one!

Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Hotel Spotlight:

One hotel that is high on my bucket list is the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. Have you heard of it?! The resident giraffes come up to the hotel for their feedings at breakfast and during afternoon tea, so you are able to dine with these cuties! So much fun!

*img source

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Happy Travels!


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