What to Pack for a Weekend at the Lake


No matter where you live in the US going to the lake during the summer is something we all have in common. Most of us know of a place where the paved roads end, the trees get taller, and the world seems to get a little quieter.

I mentioned a couples weeks ago that I was heading up to a cabin in Northern Minnesota with some old friends. It was the perfect escape and provided some much needed time to catch up and really talk to friends rather than the usual quick phone calls and text messages. For me, Northern Minnesota is about the only place that I can go to really unplug… partly because the phone reception is terrible! Most of my day job involves sitting behind a laptop. Add in blogging and I find myself on my laptop waaaay too often. I am definitely someone who has to make a conscious effort to put my electronics down, stop checking emails, etc. Just ask my husband,  he’s constantly reminding me to stop looking at my phone! Oops! Are you as bad as me? If you have any tips I’d love to hear them!

With August just around the corner (I know, I know!) make sure you fit in some time for a weekend away! It worked wonders for me!

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Have you tried putting a chocolate square inside the marshmallow before roasting it in the fire? I learned this trick at summer camp and it’s a fun twist on a traditional s’more. I’m such a chocolate junkie I usually put the square of chocolate in the marshmallow and have a layer of chocolate too! YOLO!

Happy Travels!

xo, Jenny

weekend-at-the-lakeWeekend-at-the-LakeWeekend at the lake

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  1. 7.28.15
    Mike D said:

    Haha…fantastic post! Had a fun weekend.

  2. 7.28.15

    Very timely! Vicky and I are off to a cabin this weekend. Now, where am I going to find the right plaid shirt…

    • 7.28.15

      That’s great, Craig! Hope you and Vicky have fun! Try out my s’more method!:)

  3. 8.7.15

    Hi Jenny, Fun post! I love that photo of you in the boat with your pretty smile. Lake time is always such a good break. My family owned a cottage at Lake Tahoe for about 20 years. We made some super fun family memories up there.
    Unplugging is so important and it’s a difficult balance. My husband mention my ‘phone’ time –especially if we are out to dinner. If I’m actually doing a post on it or needing to check in I’ll just ask him for 2 minutes to snap a couple of pics/check in and then I put it down for the rest of the evening.
    Glad you had some fun down time at the lake! Thanks for joining our Lifestyle Linkup again!
    Happy Friday!
    xx, Heather

    • 8.11.15

      Thanks, Heather! Oh man a cottage on Lake Tahoe would be amazing! Good advice on the 2 minute plan! I need to implement that!