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After going through pictures from yesterday’s ‘What to do in Rome’ Post I got a little wanderlust-y for a trip to Italy and nostalgia for my charming neighborhood in Trastevere has officially set in. Alas, there is no Italian vacation in my near future. BUT if I was lucky enough to be packing for Italy this summer, here’s what I’d bring along. And if you’re lucky enough to be going, I hope this provides a little inspiration along the way.

  • A straw hat to keep cool in the sun and hide your flyaways!
  • Over-sized sunglasses not only screen your eyes from the sun, but help you people watch inconspicuously.
  • A comfortable pair of sneakers is imperative. This brand is a nice compromise between  comfort and style and doesn’t scream TOURIST.
  • A nice camera is a must in this city and a sturdy camera strap will make it ease to carry around all day.
  • These Italian flats may just be worth the splurge.
  • Gucci handbag. If a designer bag is in your budget, you might as well go with an Italian brand!
  • LBD. A little black dress will never be out of style and is perfect for an evening out on the town.
  • These gladiator sandals will feel stylish at night, but still be easy to navigate the cobblestone streets.
  • This luggage is sleek and stylish and will stand the test of time.
  • A passport cover will help protect your passport and keep you organized.

What else would you pack? I’d love to hear!

Happy Travels!


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  1. 10.3.15
    Megan said:

    Where did you find that CIAO clutch?! So adorable!!

    • 10.4.15

      Hi Megan, it’s from banana republic, so I think it’s sold out, but maybe you could find it on eBay…

  2. 12.6.15

    Hi! I travel every spring and fall to Italy for work.
    Here are my go to’s for packing and traveling,
    1. I always have a camisole folded in my travel shoulder strap purse which I wear on the inside of my Trench coat; if its hot out I can change down to that, if Im cold I can add a layer.
    2.I carry the tiniest blister kit with 2 alcohol wipes, travel size Neosporin, and 4 band aides in my purses and an advil.
    3. Travel insurance, I get in though my Travel Agent. its cheap and worth it.
    4 I aget international texting and calling on my iPhone, calling is expensive so I use that only if its an emergency, texting is not so expensive and I can let family know where I am.
    4.When I travel to Italy or anywhere aboard I use a travel agent, if somethings goes wrong I call her/ text her she fixes it immediately. otherwise Im paying premium to talk on the phone fork how ever long.
    5 I carry a IPad and do an international plan for the length I’m staying. You need to do it before you leave. If my flight go hair wire I can rebook or find a hotel to get into within minutes.
    6. These days because its not as safe I call my US ambassy and let them know where I’m traveling to. I get a contact name too incase I need to reach them.

  3. 1.27.16
    Wendy said:

    Please include a cardigan and long skirts or pants, while the above list is perfect for outside, it is not appropriate for the many churches or the Vatican that are part of a must see in Rome.

    • 1.28.16

      Great advice, Wendy! I couldn’t agree more! xo

      • 1.30.16

        Hey, I’m in Florence and Rome quite a bit. I always bring a cotton camisole rolled up in my purse. its chilly in old stone buildings, its so easy to duck in a bag no and put a camisole on and you feel so much better. I try a tiny ribbons around it so its contained in my purse. Also, when you are outside walking it can get warm, you can stripe down and feel cooler….

        • 6.29.16
          Christine said:

          Good idea but I think you mean cardigan, not camisole.

  4. 3.15.16

    ello . I need to get rom first time I have read a lot and bought books. and read aloud network about it. and synse it’s good what you write. I have one week in April. and will purchase the cards that you can use in three days for it all. omnia vatican and Roma cart. P.S.. but there are many who speak it is expensive to eat there.
    p.s. should I use 20-30 euro up food, I just have pizza and pasta. . m

    best regards . Grethe. Denmark.

  5. 3.19.16
    Heather said:

    Where did the striped top come from? Thanks!

    • 4.19.16
      Gwen said:

      It was from J. Crew but has since sold out. I was looking for it too!

  6. 1.3.17
    Catalina Duran said:

    Hi Jenny!

    Thanks for all these tips, I just found your blog and went crazy reading everything!

    I am from Costa Rica, a warm country and I am planning on going to Italy in May; what is the weather like then? I want to make sure I bring the right clothes.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. 10.2.17
    Ingrid Gurney said:

    Love your tips Jenny…I also an on visiting Rome end of May-early June next year I also am onterested in weathet tips to ensure l bring the right type of clothing for temperature,
    Thanks Ingrid