The Best Weekender Bags for Every Style & Budget

Whether you’re hitting the road on a family vacay or need a large tote in addition to your carry-on – a weekender bag can serve as the perfect sized addition to your luggage. Weekender bags are especially useful for road trips as they take up less room than traditional luggage and the top zipper makes it easy to access things on the go. With that in mind it’s probably no surprise that I’m always on the lookout for cute weekender bags! And I have to say, there is no shortage of stylish and also affordable bags on the market these days!

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I often hear recommendations to invest in nice luggage to last a lifetime, but I think it makes more sense to buy a modestly priced, yet still quality bag instead. Whether you’re checking your bag, trying to stuff your bag in the back of your car, or storing it in the overhead bin, your bag will take a few hits over time. To expect it to last a lifetime is just not realistic. If you keep your luggage affordable then you don’t have to feel guilty about updating every so often. And just because it’s affordable, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and durable!

Below we’ve pulled together a roundup of the best weekender bags I’ve seen for every style and budget. Which one is your favorite?

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Happy Travels!

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