A London Neighborhood Guide (and which best fits your personality!)


I often get asked where to stay in London and it’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many wonderful neighborhoods and so many sites to see that there isn’t just one perfect neighborhood that makes sense for everyone.

I’ve laid out Traveling Chic’s hotel recommendations here, but I thought it would be useful to provide more details on some of the neighborhoods in London because it can get overwhelming when trying to decide where to stay.

Most travelers are looking for a place to stay that aligns with their travel style, so we thought it’d be fun to match some of the neighborhoods with personality types. Hopefully this will help you find the perfect fit for your trip to London!

Since there are almost 50 neighborhoods in all of London and each one has its own character and vibe, we’ve only highlighted a few of the neighborhoods that are popular tourist destinations. Sorry if we’ve left off your favorite neighborhood to visit, but we’d love to hear in the comments why you would recommend it!

Soho and Mayfair –

Filled with trendy restaurants, bars, and shopping. Both Chinatown and the West End Theater district are also nearby.

Personality Type: Those who love the theater and enjoy having nearby nightlife OR fashionistas who have come for one thing: shopping.

Covent Garden –

Similar to nearby Soho, this is a bustling section of London with impressive fountains, trendy shopping, and narrow alleyways filled with street artists.

Personality Type: Those who love to be near the action and in proximity to good restaurants and shopping.


Knightsbridge, Kensington, and South Kensington –

Exclusive shopping (i.e. Harrods and Harvey Nichols), Museums, Hyde Park, and Kensington Gardens.

Personality Type: Those who prefer the elegant side of London as well as luxury shopping and popping into museums.

Belgravia –

Embassy row and home to many Ambassadors, townhouses, and upscale hotels. Next to Buckingham Palace and plenty of green space.

Personality Type: Those looking for a posh place to stay with refined elegance and picture-perfect places to walk.


Notting Hill –

Charming neighborhoods lined with pretty pastel homes. Great restaurants and coffee shops. Busy on the weekend due to the famed Portobello Market.

Personality type: Those looking for a unique and eclectic place to stay.

Chelsea –

This wealthy London neighborhood has beautiful white pillared homes, shopping, restaurants, and the Saatchi Gallery.

Personality type: Exclusivity, safety, and comfort are at the top of your travel list.


Westminster –

Packed to the brim with sights to see. From Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery, Churchill War Rooms, and views of Buckingham Palace, there is no shortage of history to explore.

Personality type: Those who want to be in the heart of many of London’s most popular sites. History and government buffs will appreciate the proximity to locations like Parliament, 10 Downing Street, and the Churchill War Rooms.

Southwark –

Bordering the Thames River (pronounced “Tems”), you’ll find St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and Borough Market.

Personality type:  Someone who likes to avoid the crowds and touristy locations, but still be close enough to the action.

Shoreditch –

Street art, quirky restaurants, and coffee shops make up this area.

Personality type: Hipsters and those who like to explore up and coming areas.

Camden –

You’ll find Regent’s Park, the London Zoo, and Primrose Hill in the quieter parts of Camden, but head over to Camden Town and you’ll find an ”anything goes” neighborhood with Camden Market and an assortment of restaurants and shops.

Personality type: Young, artsy, bohemian, and students will enjoy staying in this area.


What other neighborhoods do you recommend? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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