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Visit Scotland – Two-week Road Trip Itinerary

I’ve been able to visit Scotland once for a wedding and once for an amazing two-week trip around the isle. Planning a two-week, or even one-week, trip is always a little daunting, so I put together what I think is the perfect two-week itinerary for a road trip around the country to help get your planning started! I consulted the advice of Emily, my sweet friend from Scotland, so rest assured that this itinerary has the stamp of approval from…

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Rome, Italy – The Perfect Itinerary for First-timers

We’re so excited for your upcoming trip to Rome, Italy! Rome, the capital city of Italy, has definitely earned its nickname as the eternal city, with over 3,000 years of history and ancient ruins that you can still explore. Rome’s culture, charming alleys, and delicious food, make this city one of the most unforgettable places to visit in the world! We can’t wait for you to experience everything Rome has to offer. Whether you have one day or several, we’ve…

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Puerto Morelos, Mexico

We recently traveled to Puerto Morelos, Mexico, a small fishing village 20 minutes south of Cancun, for a wedding.  It was a nice escape from the craziness of Cancun and Playa. It’s quiet, quaint, and full of really fantastic, authentic restaurants. Even the resident dogs are sweet and mellow. This little guy followed us all day. We enjoyed happy hour ocean side. *please ignore whatever is going on with my hair! Dinner at John Gray’s. A spectacular sunset.  And an…

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Oahu, Hawaii – Travel Diary

Oahu, Hawaii is the perfect Hawaiian destination, especially for first-timers. The shopping and nightlife in Honolulu as well as the more secluded locales of the island make Oahu a must-see for just about anyone.First stop on the itinerary was the North Shore. There was only one thing on our minds. Acai bowls. Full and happy we grabbed our snorkel gear. Next stop–Shark’s Cove.This little swimming hole is prime real estate for fish and other interesting sea creatures. Be careful. It’s…

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The Perfect Itinerary for Mykonos, Greece

The next stop on our tour of the Greek Isles was Mykonos. The party island. After spending a few serene days on Santorini, it took a little while to get into the groove of the island. But once we did we found all kinds of things to fall in love with.We arrived at our hotel and immediately set out to get lost in town. Literally. The streets are a complicated maze that were designed to confuse pirates (and tourists alike).After a…

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Santorini, Greece – The Perfect Itinerary for First-timers

If you’re looking for fantastic food, amazing views, and friendly inhabitants, Greece is about as good as it gets! After 12 hours of travel, our driver picked us up and zipped us around the Santorini cliff side. Everywhere I looked was a picture perfect moment. First on our itinerary was the Santorini wine tour. The wine in Greece may not compare to those of France and Italy, but the tour was fun and took us to lots of interesting spots…

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